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Underneath is a listing of online schools that present accredited web based Degrees.

Underneath is a listing of web based degrees. Choose from the menu the one that meets your needs.

Jones International University

Jones International University - provides 100% on the net degrees intended for completely recognized, respected programs in the field of education as well as management.

Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University - is really a acclaimed leader in the providing of accredited, quality instruction.






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has a mixture of over the internet colleges with recognized degrees. These degrees extend from associate degree, bachelor degrees, master programs, certificates, and diplomas. Consequently if you are checking for graduate or undergraduate courses you can find them here.

Associate Degrees: Associate Degrees are usually two-year courses preparing the graduate for an entry-level position or employment upgrade within a career/technical discipline (AAS), or designed for transferring en route for a four-year course of study (AA or AS).

Bachelor Degrees: Bachelor Levels are commonly 3-4 year programs preparing the graduate in support of a higher-level position or employment upgrade within your current profession or specialized field (BS or BA), or for transferring toward a master degree program of study.

Master Degrees: Master degrees or Graduate courses come in all types with the popular being MBA (Master of Business Administration). These levels are geared in direction of getting you into management or upgrading your existing profession. Master degree programs additionally comprise MIS, MS, MED, along with lots of others.

Doctoral Degrees: A Doctoral degree is the top point of education a individual would be able to receive. This is the next step following your Masters course. You'll find quite a few schools that offer accredited on the web doctoral courses.

Certificate Programs: Certificate programs fluctuate from an undergraduate certificate to a graduate certificate (masters certificate) So based on what sort of certificate you are searching for we comprise it shown under the certificate link on the left.

Diploma Programs: Diplomas and certificates are a portion of the price of a degree. Internet based courses are the same as on-campus or in-classroom, and usually are taken totally online through the Internet or by means of distance learning.

AIU Capella University
Rasmussen College Online Lincoln College Online



Featured College

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is a credited institution together with internet degree courses. Their degrees consist of Business, Accounting, Administration, e-Business, Finance, Human Resources, Global Business Management, Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Management, Marketing, Organizational Innovation, Public Administration, and Retail Management. University of Phoenix in addition provides Doctorates, Phd's, and MBA programs.


Featured College

Walden University

Walden University is meant for working people who desire an advanced degree at the same time as maintaining job & individual commitments. Walden's flexible, student-centered instruction allows you to earn a master's or Ph.D. from the comfort of your residence or place of work. Walden in addition presents on line bachelor degree courses.